Chinese Virgin Hair

Our Chinese Virgin Hair

Hair Origins 

Chinese hair is very plentiful in the marketplace, however, we are very particular about the hair we use in our wigs. We use only top quality 100% virgin hair sourced from Uzbekistan. This hair is absolutely top notch and so beautiful that you will not know whether to wear your wig or place it on your mantel!

Highest Quality

The hair is cut from a single donor insuring consistency in texture and color. All cuticles are kept intact and facing in the same direction thereby preventing matting and tangling. Our hair is hygienically and properly cleaned using advanced technology to maintain its natural beauty.

About The Hair

Chinese hair is very strong thick and shiny.  It grows naturally very dark and very straight. Chinese hair is an excellent choice for long silky styles. It is also great for light yaki styles. However, the hair is extremely hard to curl, but will curl after excessive heat. Chinese is not as versatile as other virgin hair on the market.

  • One directional hair.
  • Cuticles are kept in tact and aligned in the same direction. This prevents matting and tangling.
  • Each bundle is  collected from one donor

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