Glueless hair loss wigs are as the name implies…hair replacement wigs that do not require wig glue/tape adhesive to secure the wig to your head. While these wigs do not offer the same level of security as the ones that require adhesives, they are secure enough to wear for low to moderate impact day to day activities and are a perfect alternative for hair loss sufferers who are sensitive to glue and/or tape adhesives or for those who simple want to be able to put on and take off their wig quickly without having to deal with adhesives.

Our glueless wig cap is made with full invisible durable French lace in the front and hand-tied stretch lace in the back with an adjustable strap and tighten tape at the nape to adjust the cap size. The wigs have a very natural hairline and are designed for freestyle parting which allows you to part the hair in any direction you wish. The glueless caps have extra invisible lace in the front that you trim back along your hairline.

Glueless Hair Replacement Lace Wig Benefits

  • No need for glue or tapes – Perfect if you are sensitive to adhesives, or just tired of using them!
  • Totally secure – gives you the freedom you need and you can adjust the cap size as you wish.
  • Made with the highest quality human hair.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear.

Our glueless hair replacement lace wigs are made with top grade quality human Remy hair which has not been weakened by stripping. We meticulously select only the best human remy hair to make our lace wigs and the hair is prepared by careful processing that leaves the cuticle in place. The result is stronger, superior healthy hair.

Any of our custom hair loss wigs can be made into a glueless cranial prosthesis by simply selecting the “Glueless Cap Design” option as your choice for the “Cap Design Style” on the order form. You can get the cap with or without side combs.