Lace Wigs For Alopecia

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Brand: Celebrity Hair And Beauty
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Age group: adult
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Suffer From Alopecia? Embrace the Beauty of Natural Hair Full Lace Wigs

If you suffer from hair loss due to alopecia or other medical-related hair loss, our full lace wigs offer a great non-surgical hair replacement solution for you. Gretchin is a wavy hair unit offering you the charm of luscious waves and silky textures while providing ultimate comfort and discretion.


  • 100% Raw Human Hair: We use 100% raw hair collected from one donor to construct your wig. This is the best grade of hair available and with proper care your wig can last 3-4 years.
  • Personalization at its Best: Choose your desired hair type, be it Indian, Brazilian, Cambodian, or others, to create a look that’s truly yours.
  • Invisible Hairline: Gretchin’s fine lace seamlessly blends into your scalp, giving the impression of hair growing naturally from your head.
  • Comfort and Ease: Lightweight and designed with various base caps, Gretchin ensures a comfortable fit, whether you have some hair left or are entirely bald.
  • Longevity Guaranteed: With appropriate care, the Gretchin lace wig can last up to 2 years, giving you a lasting solution to your hair loss.


  • Choice of Hair Type: With hair options ranging from Indian to Peruvian, you can find the perfect match for your natural hair texture. Feel more like yourself every day.
  • Tailored Cap Design: With multiple wig base cap designs to chose from, Gretchin provides an excellent fit for everyone. Enjoy the comfort of a custom wig that’s made just for you.
  • Premium Lace Quality: Choose from French, Swiss or HD lace that will melt into your skin for flawless detection.
  • Color Customization: Many hair color options available including options for highlights, T-Color, and Ombre styles.
  • Lightweight: Despite its high-quality design, Gretchin is light enough to forget you’re wearing a wig!

Included in the Purchase: Gretchin Full Lace Wig, detailed care instructions, and a complimentary wig cap.


  1. What care does the Gretchin lace wig need? Proper maintenance includes gentle washing, conditioning, and storing in a cool, dry place.
  2. Can I style Gretchin like natural hair? Yes, you can style it as you would with your natural hair. But avoid excessive heat to prolong its lifespan.
  3. What is the average completion time for a custom Gretchin wig? Allow 30-45 production days to complete a custom lace wig.
  4. Can I choose the cap that suits me best? Yes, we offer various wig base caps to ensure you find a perfect fit.
  5. Is it comfortable for daily use? Absolutely, Gretchin is lightweight and designed to provide ultimate comfort for all-day wear.
  6. Can I return or exchange my wig? As Gretchin is a custom-made item, we do not accept returns or exchanges.
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